Janelle Barlow

  • 品牌化客戶


    電子書售價:USD$ 18.49

    The author of the bestselling A Complaint is a Gift, (Over 100,000 copies sold) details how to create a definitive, recognizable style of service that...

  • 抱怨是一份禮物


    電子書售價:USD$ 18.49

    A completely revised and updated edition of one of the first books to show that customer complaints are actually valuable sources of feedback that can...

  • 情感價值


    電子書售價:USD$ 22.49

    Today's consumers demand not only services and products that are of the highest quality, but also positive, memorable experiences. This essential guid...

  • 智能的視頻會議


    電子書售價:USD$ 15.49

    Smart Videoconferencing is the first book to show people how to participate effectively in videoconferences, rather than just how to set them up. The ...