Beverly Kaye

  • Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss

    Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss:A Manager's Playbook

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    Stay interviews prevent exit interviews! You can't afford to lose them. They're your stars and your solid citizens. You wonder if they're happy in yo...

  • 助長還是放養


    電子書售價:USD$ 14.49

    Bestselling author and top authority on career development shows how managers and supervisors can support employees' career development - and thereby ...

  • 愛或放棄


    電子書售價:USD$ 19.99

    NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Retaining top talent and making sure they feel engaged and appreciated is a perennial concern for every business. Thi...

  • 如果愛,就不要放手


    電子書售價:USD$ 15.99

    Whether for fear of an uncertain economy or reluctance to deal with the inevitable stresses of looking for work, many people feel unwilling or unable ...