Harrison H. Owen

  • 擴展我們的片刻時間


    電子書售價:USD$ 19.99

    At the start of this thoughtful and revelatory book, Harrison Owen relates the story of how he was lunching with a senior official of the American Soc...

  • 領袖精神


    電子書售價:USD$ 12.99

    The business world is desperate for leaders. Books and courses on leadership flood the market as companies search in vain for that one person who can ...

  • 靈魂的力量


    電子書售價:USD$ 15.99

    Forms and transforms in people, they become strong, focused, and vibrant-and wonderful things can happen. But when the spirit is down, nothing else se...

  • 開放空間的社交技術


    電子書售價:USD$ 23.99

    A revised and updated edition of an acknowledged classic of the Organizational Development literature. Over 30,000 of first and second editions sold.

  • 驅浪者


    電子書售價:USD$ 19.99

    In this capstone work of his career, the creator of open space technology applies his lifetime of knowledge and experience to showing how self-organiz...