• 印度智者在喜馬拉雅雪山聖地


    電子書售價:NT$ 150


  • 西藏民間故事與寓言


    電子書售價:NT$ 120

    《西藏民間故事與寓言》乃德國藏學家 Franz Anton Schiefner(斯福爾)譯自《甘珠爾》的作品,再由 William Ralston Shedden 從德文譯成英文。《甘珠爾》裏的故事大量取材梵文寫成的古印度婆羅門故事。 此電子版經由編著譯者鄭玉萍編制校對及修正錯別字。此英譯版為...

  • Walking by the Spirit

    Walking by the Spirit

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    Truth. Is there such a thing? Do newspapers print it? Do televisions air it? Is it preached from pulpits in churches? Is the truth on Facebook, can it...

  • The Kingdom Of God Business Plan

    The Kingdom Of God Business Plan:Training Guide Book

    電子書售價:USD$ 1.49

    THE KINGDOM OF GOD BUSINESS PLAN TRAINING GUIDE BOOK: A forward-looking Great Commission Vision Business Plan Guide and training manual to developing ...

  • Supernatural Anointing

    Supernatural Anointing

    電子書售價:USD$ 5.49

    This book is for those who want to understand how to minister under a supernatural anointing that will cascade into every area of their life.  It...

  • How Well Do You Know Your Bible?

    How Well Do You Know Your Bible?:Over 500 Questions and Answers to Test Your Knowledge of the Good Book

    電子書售價:USD$ 10.99

    A must-read collection for Bible enthusiasts, study groups, and anyone interested in learning more about the most revered book of all time. As the bes...

  • The Bible Answer Book

    The Bible Answer Book:Over 260 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    Did Creation happen in 24-hour literal days? What was the role and function of a prophet? Why did Jesus use parables so often? What is the purpose of ...

  • The Catholicism Answer Book

    The Catholicism Answer Book:The 300 Most Frequently Asked Questions

    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    As religion continues to dominate the news, politics and society in general, more and more laypeople are looking for a reliable guide to understanding...

  • 把你的靈魂帶去工作


    電子書售價:USD$ 13.99

    EMPLOYEES TODAY are actively searching for more meaning in the workplace, for work that resonates with their being. How does one dare yearn for someth...

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