• More Wishing-Chair Stories 許願椅又逃跑了【全英文學習版】

    More Wishing-Chair Stories 許願椅又逃跑了【全英文學習版】:英國孩童票選最受歡迎兒童文學作家代表作(中小學生150+英文單字)許願椅系列3(完結篇)

    電子書售價:NT$ 175


  • 羅曼蒂克世紀


    電子書售價:NT$ 450

    The book includes maps and a list of characters in the novel with their images and descriptions. 這本小說有附地圖和所有角色的圖片與敘述。

  • The Amazing Spencer Gray

    The Amazing Spencer Gray

    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Spencer Gray is twelve – finally old enough to join Dad in his glider. His mates are going to be so jealous! Going up is awesome – but w...

  • Mystery at Riddle Gully

    Mystery at Riddle Gully

    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Pollo di Nozi, reporter-in-training, has a nose for news. Strange things are happening in Riddle Gully and Pollo smells a major scoop. This fast-pac...

  • Creepy & Maud

    Creepy & Maud

    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Hilarious and heartbreaking, Creepy & Maud charts the relationship between two social misfits, played out in the space between their windows. Cr...

  • Have You Seen Ally Queen

    Have You Seen Ally Queen

    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Ally Queen, aged fifteen, is the new kid in a very small town. Uprooted from her comfortable city life and dumped in ‘hicksville’ she&rs...

  • Wavelength


    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Oliver’s world has shrunk. It’s all about Year 12 finals. It’s about that magic 80% average he needs to get into uni, get his drea...

  • Destroying Avalon

    Destroying Avalon

    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    "I stared at the email in disbelief, the skin around my mouth prickling in horror … I had to know what they were saying. I shut my eyes ...

  • Hal Spacejock 4

    Hal Spacejock 4:No Free Lunch

    電子書售價:NT$ 140

    Get another helping of misadventures with Hal Spacejock and Clunk! Hal and his sidekick are looking for a job to earn some cash to settle their bill...

  • Hal Spacejock 3

    Hal Spacejock 3:Just Desserts

    電子書售價:NT$ 140

    Space pilot for hire! Hal Spacejock Guaranteed Cheap. A mysterious sealed crate, a pair of shady mercenaries with more guns than brain cells and an ...

  • Hal Spacejock 2

    Hal Spacejock 2:Second Course

    電子書售價:NT$ 140

    A beautiful and mysterious female passenger, a loony inventor with a basement full of deadly weapons, and a dangerous run-down teleporter built by a...

  • Hal Spacejock 1

    Hal Spacejock 1

    電子書售價:NT$ 140

    Bored with on-time deliveries? Want your valuable cargo strewn across the nearest planet? Call Hal Spacejock! Partial deliveries, non-arrivals and t...

  • Choices


    電子書售價:NT$ 224

    Elisabeth’s hand trembled as she lifted the jar of warm liquid. She took a deep breath and poured it over the plastic tester. Then, the blue lines a...

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