• Meet Taipei 2016【 English Version】

    Meet Taipei 2016【 English Version】:Meet Taipei 2016 Program Book

    電子書售價:NT$ 0

    "Leading the Future of Startups"--this is the pivotal message for Meet Taipei 2016. This motto is also the same message for all the startup teams. No ...

  • A Paperboy's Fable

    A Paperboy's Fable:The 11 Principles of Success

    電子書售價:USD$ 8.49

    A young man learns that there is more to being successful than the bottom line. A Paperboy's Fable is a concise, entertaining fable that makes revolut...

  • Mountain Majesty:

    Mountain Majesty::A History of CODEP Haiti Where Sustainable Agricultural Development Works Vol. 1

    電子書售價:USD$ 8.49

    Poverty is everywhere in Haiti. In the mountains, land lays barren, the soil is depleted. When Haitians plant food crops, the plants wither in the hot...

  • Auctions


    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    Although it is among the oldest of market institutions, the auction is ubiquitous in today's economy, used for everything from government procurement ...

  • Water Resource Economics

    Water Resource Economics:The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects

    電子書售價:USD$ 100.49

    Economics brings powerful insights to water management, but most water professionals receive limited training in it. The second edition of this text o...

  • Customer-Centric Marketing

    Customer-Centric Marketing:A Pragmatic Framework

    電子書售價:USD$ 33.99

    The revolution in big data has enabled a game-changing approach to marketing. The asynchronous and continuous collection of customer data carries rich...

  • Revolutionizing Innovation

    Revolutionizing Innovation:Users, Communities, and Open Innovation

    電子書售價:USD$ 52.99

    The last two decades have witnessed an extraordinary growth of new models of managing and organizing the innovation process that emphasizes users over...

  • The Disruption Dilemma

    The Disruption Dilemma

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    "Disruption" is a business buzzword that has gotten out of control. Today everything and everyone seem to be charaterized as disruptive -- or, if they...

  • Building A Business on Bacon and Eggs

    Building A Business on Bacon and Eggs

    電子書售價:USD$ 3.49

    Person to person networks in the UK have grown over the last 10 years fuelled by the many middle management unemployed caused during the recent downsi...

  • Hindsight  The Foresight Saga

    Hindsight The Foresight Saga

    電子書售價:USD$ 10.99

    There is something new in the financial planning world and it is explored to the point that the reader can exploit it in "Hindsight – The Foresight Sa...

  • Trusts a Practical Guide

    Trusts a Practical Guide

    電子書售價:USD$ 10.99

    Within the genre of financial selfhelp, 'Trusts A Practical Guide’ is an invaluable and rare resource for financial experts and members of the public ...

  • The Traumatised Society

    The Traumatised Society:How To Outlaw Cheating And Save Our Civilisation

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    Having correctly forecast the timing of the global crisis, the author now extends that same analysis to the future of the West, to evaluate fears from...

  • Science of Economics

    Science of Economics

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    Leon MacLaren (1910-1994) was a barrister, politician, philosopher and the founder of the School of Economic Science. He considered the true goal of E...

  • Re-solving the Economic Puzzle

    Re-solving the Economic Puzzle

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    Pinpointing a flaw in prevailing economic practices that explains why so many families in the richest nation on earth are mired in poverty, homelessne...

  • Eradicating Ecocide

    Eradicating Ecocide

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    In Eradicating Ecocide, international environment lawyer and activist Polly Higgins sets out to demonstrate how our planet is fast being destroyed by ...

  • Earth is our Business

    Earth is our Business:Changing The Rules Of The Game

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    Earth is our Business takes forward the argument of Polly Higgins’ first book, Eradicating Ecocide. This book proposes new Earth law, but it is also a...

  • Visitors


    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    More an allegory than a novel, Visitors describes the impact of beings from a distant planet on the political, economic and spiritual life of Britain ...

  • Boom Bust

    Boom Bust

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    In the two and a half years since the first edition appeared (April 2005), events have unfolded as predicted. Then the consensus among forecasters was...

  • A New Model of Economy

    A New Model of Economy

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    This book offers a radical revision of modern economic theory. Its starting point is the existing body of both micro and macro economics, as developed...

  • No Fifth Horseman

    No Fifth Horseman

    電子書售價:USD$ 1.49

    Marty Rebel, insurance investigator-turned-assassin-hunter, is intent on bringing ex-Spetsnatz soldier-turned-assassin, Captain Lars Gottard, aka Pelo...

  • Philosophy For Fair Society

    Philosophy For Fair Society

    電子書售價:USD$ 63.49

    Something must be done, explain the authors, but governments will fail again unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy which is now one of the prob...

  • Money Is Good

    Money Is Good

    電子書售價:USD$ 5.49

    In 'Money is Good’ the Reverend Dr. Anthony Kwadwo Boakye considers the moral, ethical and philosophical implications of money – and more particularly...

  • Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms

    Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms

    電子書售價:USD$ 316.49

    An effective brand strategy that is clearly understood and supported throughout your firm is crucial if you want to attract and retain profitable clie...

  • Foundations of Structured Trade Finance

    Foundations of Structured Trade Finance

    電子書售價:USD$ 316.49

    Are you interested in learning more about the complex area of structured trade finance?Structured Trade Finance (STF) is a highly specialised area of ...

  • Rum Bum and Baccy

    Rum Bum and Baccy

    電子書售價:USD$ 3.49

    From being chased along a beach by a pack of wolves in Mombasa to being told to get lost by film star Jack Palance, Bernie Howard’s mates loved hearin...

  • Coaching and Mentoring Resource Manual

    Coaching and Mentoring Resource Manual

    電子書售價:USD$ 5.49

    Widely recognised as a leading practical resource on coaching and mentoring, The Coaching and Mentoring Learning Resource Manual by Jimmy Petruzzi com...

  • Connected

    Connected:24 Hours In The Global Economy

    電子書售價:USD$ 9.49

    Oil prices go up, the stock market goes down. Currency exchange rates fluctuate and new technologies are changing the way we do business. What if you ...

  • The Storyteller's Secret

    The Storyteller's Secret:How TED speakers and inspirational leaders turn their passion into performance

    電子書售價:USD$ 14.99

    How did an American immigrant without a college education go from Venice Beach T-shirt vendor to television's most successful producer? How did a timi...

  • Born For This

    Born For This:How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    The New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup shows us how to enjoy greater career success and personal fulfilment by finding the work we ...

  • How To Have A Good Day

    How To Have A Good Day:Think Bigger, Feel Better and Transform Your Working Life

    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    In How to Have a Good Day, economist and former McKinsey partner Caroline Webb shows readers how to use recent findings from behavioral economics, psy...

  • Mobilized

    Mobilized:An Insider’s Guide to the Business and Future of Connected Technology

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Mobile has now become such an integral part of how we live that, for many people, losing a cell phone is like losing a limb. Everybody knows mobile is...

  • Negotiating the Impossible

    Negotiating the Impossible:How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (without Money or Muscle)

    電子書售價:USD$ 29.99

    Some negotiations are easy. Others are more difficult. And then there are situations that seem completely hopeless. Conflict is escalating, people are...

  • Humble Consulting

    Humble Consulting:How to Provide Real Help Faster

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Consulting in Complex and Changing Times Organizations face challenges today that are too messy and complicated for consultants to simply play doctor:...

  • Online Marketing for Busy Authors

    Online Marketing for Busy Authors:A Step-by-Step Guide

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    If You Want People to Read Your Book, Writing It Is Only the Beginning There has truly never been a better time to be an author. For the first time, ...

  • Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver

    Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver:Delivering a Culture of We, Not Me

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver Delivering a Culture of We, Not Me UPS is a household name and one of the most highly regarded American corporati...

  • How Performance Management Is Killing Performance—and What to Do About It

    How Performance Management Is Killing Performance—and What to Do About It:Rethink, Redesign, Reboot

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    Rethink, Redesign, Reboot. Most people associate performance management with the annual review, which is universally dreaded by employees, management...

  • Mastering the New Media Landscape

    Mastering the New Media Landscape:Embrace the Micromedia Mindset

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    The New Way to Get Noticed The giant brands that once dominated the media landscape—Oprah, the New York Times, NPR, CNN—have seen their monopoly on ...

  • The Serving Leader

    The Serving Leader:Five Powerful Actions to Transform Your Team, Business, and Community 

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    The Serving Leader Five Powerful Actions to Transform Your Team, Business, and Community, 10th Anniversary Edition, Revised and Expanded It's people w...

  • Collaboration Begins with You

    Collaboration Begins with You:Be a Silo Buster

    電子書售價:USD$ 25.49

    Collaboration Begins with You Everyone knows collaboration creates high performing teams and organizations—and with today's diverse, globalized workfo...

  • What Great Service Leaders Know and Do

    What Great Service Leaders Know and Do:Creating Breakthroughs in Service Firms

    電子書售價:USD$ 36.99

    Entire service businesses have been built around the ideas of Heskett, Sasser, and Schlesinger, pioneers in the world of service. Now they test their ...

  • The Daily Edge

    The Daily Edge:Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Wall Street Journal bestselling author David Horsager frequently hears executives lament that their hands are more than full trying to balance the bar...

  • Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

    Change Your Questions, Change Your Life:12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    NEW EDITION, EXPANDED AND UPDATED Great Results Begin with Great Questions In this new expanded edition of her classic international bestseller, Mari...

  • The Leadership Capital Index

    The Leadership Capital Index:Realizing the Market Value of Leadership

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    When it comes to evaluating a firm, leadership matters. We know that financial outcomes can predict about 50 percent of a firm's market value. Intang...

  • The Positive Organization

    The Positive Organization:Breaking Free from Conventional Cultures, Constraints, and Beliefs

    電子書售價:USD$ 29.99

    Beholden to accepted assumptions about people and organizations, too many enterprises waste human potential. Robert Quinn shows how to defy convention...

  • Doing the Right Things Right

    Doing the Right Things Right:How the Effective Executive Spends Time

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    A How-To Guide for the Modern Leader Inspired by Peter Drucker's groundbreaking book The Effective Executive, Laura Stack details precisely how 21st-...

  • Find Your Balance Point

    Find Your Balance Point:Clarify Your Priorities, Simplify Your Life, and Achieve More

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    Everyone today has too much to do and too little time—that's not going to change. The only way to make our lives less stressful is to make sure we spe...

  • Work Reimagined

    Work Reimagined:Uncover Your Calling

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    DISCOVER WHAT YOU'RE HERE TO DO It's the end of work as we know it. Career paths look nothing like they did in the days before phones got smart. We wo...

  • Leading Continuous Change

    Leading Continuous Change:Navigating Churn in the Real World

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Smart leaders know that today pressures for change don't come at you one at a time—they come all at once, from all directions. Bill Pasmore offers a f...

  • Co-Active Leadership

    Co-Active Leadership:Five Ways to Lead

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    A Multidimensional Approach to Leadership Top-down, one-dimensional leadership models are hopelessly outmoded in today's rapidly changing world, and t...

  • Intelligent Disobedience

    Intelligent Disobedience:Doing Right When What You're Told to Do Is Wrong

    電子書售價:USD$ 20.49

    When It's Smart to Say No Nearly every week we read about a tragedy or scandal that could have been prevented if individuals had said no to ill-advis...

  • Shakti Leadership

    Shakti Leadership:Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Unlocking the Source for True Leadership Too many people, men and women alike, have bought into a notion of leadership that exclusively emphasizes tra...

  • A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide

    A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide:Build a Better Business by Building Community

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    More Than Money Jamey Stegmaier knows crowdfunding. He's a veteran of seven successful Kickstarter campaigns (and counting) that have raised over $1.4...

  • Dialogic Organization Development

    Dialogic Organization Development:The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change

    電子書售價:USD$ 73.99

    A Dynamic New Approach to Organizational Change Dialogic Organization Development is a compelling alternative to the classical action research approac...

  • Chess Not Checkers

    Chess Not Checkers:Elevate Your Leadership Game

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    As organizations grow, the demands on leadership change. The same old moves won't cut it any more. In Chess Not Checkers, Miller tells the story of Bl...

  • Lead More, Control Less

    Lead More, Control Less:8 Advanced Leadership Skills That Overturn Convention

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Unleash Commitment, Initiative, and Innovation In their decades of leading groups all over the world, Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff discovered the...

  • Lift

    Lift:The Fundamental State of Leadership

    電子書售價:USD$ 23.49

    NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Harness the Science of Positive Influence Just as the Wright Brothers combined science and practice to finally real...

  • Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss

    Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss:A Manager's Playbook

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    Stay interviews prevent exit interviews! You can't afford to lose them. They're your stars and your solid citizens. You wonder if they're happy in yo...

  • What's Your Future Worth?

    What's Your Future Worth?:Using Present Value to Make Better Decisions

    電子書售價:USD$ 20.49

    We weigh every significant decision based on how it will affect our future. But when it comes to figuring that out, we mostly make the process up as w...

  • Refire! Don't Retire

    Refire! Don't Retire:Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    Refire! Don’t Retire asks readers the all-important question: As you approach the remainder of your life, what are you going to do to make it joyful...

  • The Genius of Opposites

    The Genius of Opposites:How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    FDR and Eleanor. Mick and Keith. Jobs and Woz. Siskel and Ebert. Sandberg and Zuckerberg. History is filled with many examples of successful introvert...

  • The Disciplined Leader

    The Disciplined Leader:Keeping the Focus on What Really Matters

    電子書售價:USD$ 28.49

    What do the best leaders have in common? As president of MAP, John Manning should know. MAP has helped tens of thousands of top executives accelerate ...

  • Your Leadership Story

    Your Leadership Story:Use Your Story to Energize, Inspire, and Motivate

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    Stories have power. They move people in a way that facts and figures can't. Many leaders use stories as a tool, but leadership development expert Tim ...

  • Leadership for a Fractured World

    Leadership for a Fractured World:How to Cross Boundaries, Build Bridges, and Lead Change

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Leaders today—whether in corporations or associations, nonprofits or nations—face massive, messy, multidimensional problems. No one person or group ca...

  • Hidden Strengths

    Hidden Strengths:Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Books like StrengthsFinder 2.0 have helped leaders discover their strengths—but they stop there. The Sindells argue that focusing only on your best ab...

  • When Corporations Rule the World

    When Corporations Rule the World

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    Our Choice: Democracy or Corporate Rule A handful of corporations and financial institutions command an ever-greater concentration of economic and po...

  • The Vanishing American Corporation

    The Vanishing American Corporation:Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    It may be hard to believe in an era of Walmart, Citizens United, and the Koch brothers, but corporations are on the decline. The number of American co...

  • Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace

    Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace:Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization

    電子書售價:USD$ 23.49

    Trust is a non-negotiable for high performing relationships and organizations. Yet trust is fragile, and ninety percent of the behaviors that break it...

  • Got Your Attention?

    Got Your Attention?:How to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    In an impatient world of infobesity, people don't want more information—they want to be intrigued and they want to be intrigued fast. After all, goldf...

  • A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins:A Fable about Creativity and Courage

    電子書售價:USD$ 18.99

    “This is a book for everyone who wishes to contribute their unique gifts to the world.” â€"Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate This bran...

  • Singletasking

    Singletasking:Get More Done—One Thing at a Time

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    Your Mind Can't Be Two Places at Once Too many of us have become addicted to the popular, enticing, dangerously misleading drug of multitasking. Devo...

  • Dare to Serve

    Dare to Serve:How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Cheryl Bachelder joined an ailing restaurant chain and turned it into the darling of the industry—by daring to serve the people in her organization we...

  • Lean Startups for Social Change

    Lean Startups for Social Change:The Revolutionary Path to Big Impact

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    For years, the lean startup has been revolutionizing both new and established businesses. In this eye-opening book, serial social entrepreneur Michel ...

  • Performance Consulting

    Performance Consulting:A Strategic Process to Improve, Measure, and Sustain Organizational Results

    電子書售價:USD$ 37.99

    NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED In America, organizations spend $175 billion in training initiatives and more than $500 billion in human resource sol...

  • The Confidence Myth

    The Confidence Myth:Why Women Undervalue Their Skills, and How to Get Over It

    電子書售價:USD$ 15.99

    Not only do we need more female leaders at the top, but we need more women at all levels of business, government, and nonprofits to step up—there's no...

  • Strategic Analytics

    Strategic Analytics:Advancing Strategy Execution and Organizational Effectiveness

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    More than ever, data drives decisions in organizations—and we have more data, and more ways to analyze it, than ever. Yet strategic initiatives contin...

  • Bridging the Values Gap

    Bridging the Values Gap:How Authentic Organizations Bring Values to Life

    電子書售價:USD$ 31.99

    Business has a values problem. It's not just spectacular public scandals like Enron (which, incidentally, had a great corporate values statement). Man...

  • The Multicultural Mind

    The Multicultural Mind:Unleashing the Hidden Force for Innovation in Your Organization

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Globalization has created a superheated competitive business environment that demands innovation to stay ahead. But it's also created a hidden source ...

  • The Social Security Answer Book

    The Social Security Answer Book:Practical Answers to More Than 200 Questions on Social Security

    電子書售價:USD$ 15.99

    This new title is an organized collection of actual questions asked by individuals from around the country to Social Security benefits expert Stanley ...

  • HR for Small Business

    HR for Small Business:An Essential Guide for Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Small Business Owners

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    "One of the few references geared to the bulk of American business." - Booklist HR For Small Business explains in simple, clear language what business...

  • Tax Power for the Self-Employed

    Tax Power for the Self-Employed:Straightforward Advice from an Expert

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Tax Power for the Self-Employed addresses the specific and particular tax laws and regulations facing a self-employed individual. Unlike other small b...

  • The Complete Hiring and Firing Handbook

    The Complete Hiring and Firing Handbook:Every Manager's Guide to Working with Employees--Legally

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Few managers dread any task more than the hiring and firing of employees. The hiring process is long and full of unknowns, while the firing process ad...

  • The Shift Age

    The Shift Age

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    The Shift Age is about humanity's new ere. As the Information Age gives way to the Shift Age, we are entering a time of transformation and change that...

  • 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now

    20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    You're in control of Your Retirement Future Inside are twenty major financial decisions which could profoundly impact your lifestyle over the next for...

  • The Reagan Persuasion

    The Reagan Persuasion:Charm, Inspire, and Deliver a Winning Message

    電子書售價:USD$ 10.99

    Persuade, mentor, and motivate like the Great Communicator More than just an influential speaker, Ronald Reagan was a master of all types of communica...

  • Surrounded by Geniuses

    Surrounded by Geniuses:Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Colleagues and Your Organization

    電子書售價:USD$ 16.99

    Winner of the Axiom Award for best leadership book Praise for Dr. Alan S. Gregerman and Surrounded by Geniuses No one needs a 'me-too' anything-great ...

  • 101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work

    101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work

    電子書售價:USD$ 13.99

    Turn every workday into a source of satisfaction with this treasure trove of 101 ways to improve productivity, minimize stress and find happiness on t...

  • Retire with a Mission

    Retire with a Mission:Planning and Purpose for the Second Half of Life

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    YOUR PLAN FOR A HEALTHY, HAPPY, AND MEANINGFUL RETIREMENT Retirement is not an ending: It's the beginning of an entirely new phase of life, one that r...

  • The Top Performer's Guide to Speeches and Presentations

    The Top Performer's Guide to Speeches and Presentations

    電子書售價:USD$ 10.49

    The Top Performer's Guide to Speeches and Presentations helps businesspeople master that most daunting of workplace challenges-addressing a group of c...

  • The Complete Book of Business Plans

    The Complete Book of Business Plans:Simple Steps to Writing Powerful Business Plans

    電子書售價:USD$ 26.49

    Readers have turned to The Complete Book of Business Plans for almost 10 years for advice and information, making it one of the bestselling business p...

  • Bring Your "A" Game

    Bring Your "A" Game:The 10 Career Secrets of the High Achiever

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    The first 10 years of your career can often be the make it or break it period. Bring Your A Game shows you how to define your career plan early on, wi...

  • Zero to Zillionaire

    Zero to Zillionaire:8 Foolproof Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    Zero to Zillionaire is a scale. We are all on that scale somewhere-some of us are drowning near Zero and some of us are riding the crest of the Zillio...

  • City Chic

    City Chic:The Modern Girl's Guide to Living Large on Less

    電子書售價:USD$ 15.99

    Live the luxe life on less You're a Modern Girl embarking on a fabulous life in the city, working hard and playing even harder. Money may be an object...

  • The No Gossip Zone

    The No Gossip Zone:A No-Nonsense Guide to a Healthy, High-Performing Work Environment

    電子書售價:USD$ 24.49

    The first business guide to address the leading challenge to workplace productivity and employee retention: gossip Business leaders routinely cite gos...

  • Instant Bargains

    Instant Bargains:600+ Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Bills and Eat Well for Less

    電子書售價:USD$ 13.99

    SAVE YOUR CASH SAVE YOUR TIME SAVE YOUR SANITY! Perfect for anyone who wants to buy smarter, spend less on food, and get the best nutritional and econ...

  • Powered by Happy

    Powered by Happy:How to Get and Stay Happy at Work (Boost Performance, Increase Success, and Transform Your Workday)

    電子書售價:USD$ 13.99

    The only pocket-sized book packed with ways to boost not only workplace happiness, but also your-and your company's-performance Research has shown tha...

  • The Golden Rules for Managers

    The Golden Rules for Managers:119 Incredible Lessons for Leadership Success

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    Quick, expert advice in the best-selling, easy-to-read format that business readers demand. A penny saved, a penny earned. Never leave till tomorrow w...

  • Web Marketing for Small Businesses

    Web Marketing for Small Businesses:7 Steps to Explosive Business Growth

    電子書售價:USD$ 17.99

    When it comes to marketing and competing against the giants, small businesses have always had it tough. But now there's a way to level the playing fie...

  • Soft Sell

    Soft Sell:The New Art of Selling

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Everyone sells every day--themselves, their ideas, their products or services. Soft Sell provides a new approach to that stresses motiva...

  • Teambuilding That Gets Results

    Teambuilding That Gets Results:Essential Plans and Activities for Creating Effective Teams

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Teambuilding is one of the fastest-growing areas on the business shelf, as companies look to increase efficiencies and morale. Teambuilding That Gets...

  • Smart Hiring

    Smart Hiring:The Complete Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Employees

    電子書售價:USD$ 21.49

    Learn how to build the most critical part of your business--your employees. Let Smart Hiring Take You to the Next Level! Finding and keeping the rig...

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