Live互動英語 01月號/2019 第213期

1 人評分
  • 出版日期:2018/12/20
  • 語言:繁體中文
  • 頁數: 84
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生活情境對話:採買日用品Grocery Shopping /在超市At the Supermarket



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  • 詳細書訊


    At the Supermarket
    Nadia and Shane are in a supermarket buying some foods. 
    N= Nadia    S= Shane    C= Clerk
    1. Picking Out Produce 
     N: This supermarket puts ingredients in meal-sized portions. Each package has just the right amount to make a meal. 
     S: I love it. This way, I don’t have any leftovers.
     N: Also, everything is marked if it’s non-GMO or organic. It gives you real peace of mind.
     S: Hold on. What’s this QR code for?
     N: Try scanning the code with your phone. 
     S: Whoa. It tells you everything about the produce—when and where it was planted and harvested, and even the farmer’s name!


    1. Picking Out Produce    挑選農產品



    益智休閒:魔術方塊的翻轉史Magic in a Cube

    希臘神話選:翠鳥的故事Alcyone and Ceyx

    動物趣聞:可愛的刺蝟萌呆了The Hedgehog: A Character Sketch

    生活情境對話:採買日用品Grocery Shopping /在超市At the Supermarket

    語言文化:冰雪仙境 跟冬天有關的用語A Winter Wonderland of Words


    旅遊好去處:南半球的旅遊天堂 澳洲黃金海岸The Richness of Australia's Gold Coast

    克漏字:會飛的清潔隊生力軍A New Cleanup Crew Takes Flight

    追本溯源:一窺眼鏡發展史A Peek through the History of Glasses

    食物起源:早午餐 滿足現代人味蕾的餐點Brunch: A Meal for the Modern Age

    日常好用句:不可能!Fat chance!

    翻譯練習Translation Practice



    文化習俗:全球旅遊習俗與禁忌Before You Hit the Road

    科技演變:呼叫器的演進The Beeper: A Page Out of the History Books

    電影快報:速成家庭 Instant Family /胡桃鉗與奇幻四國 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms /真寵The Favourite

    全民英檢中級模擬閱讀試題General English Proficiency Test


    Live互動英語 01月號/2019 第213期