ALL+互動英語 08月號/2012年 第93期

  • 出版日期:2012/07/27
  • 語言:繁體中文
  • 頁數: 80
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This is the story of the amazing little mongoose that saves a family from a terrible fate.


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  • 詳細書訊

    This is the story of the amazing little mongoose that saves a family from a terrible fate.
    2.mischief 常見的搭配用法
    In some books, the pages come alive as the paper rises from the page to form 3-D scenes.
    1.字首un- 的用法
    2.come to life 是什麼意思?
    A father writes a heartfelt letter to his two young children.
    1.字首ever- 的用法
    2.balance 常見的搭配用法
    ◎情境對話:圖解超級市場 /購物英語:超市採買篇
    Jenny and Rick have a conversation while they are shopping in a grocery store.
    This common piece of clothing has come a long way from its humble roots.
    1.「 從容不迫,勝券在握」英文怎麼說?
    2. to a T 是什麼意思?
    These gentle animals seem to have a connection with humans, and they may have the
    ability to heal us.
    1.a number of + N. 和the number of + N. 用法比較
    2. as if/though + S. + V. 句型精解
    • no matter + wh- 疑問詞 + S. + V.
    • it is time (for sb) to V.
    • the first thing students need to do is + (to) V.
    On a daily basis, an enormous amount of food is wasted in our world.
    1. turn the tables 是什麼意思?
    2. 字首over- 的用法
    Take a look at an amazing aircraft, a hybrid between an airplane and a helicopter.
    1. 倍數的表示法
    2. 圖解各種飛行器
    Just so you know, cracking your knuckles is a pretty harmless thing to do.
    ◎CNN News:亞裔移民成就溫哥華多元文化
    Tom and Doris chat about the upcoming birthday party of their friend.
    Tom makes a call to a company to check on an order he placed.
    1.「 手機斷訊」英文怎麼說?
    2. in any case 是什麼意思?
    ◎本月之星:英倫家人 瑞秋‧懷玆
    Find out where using fingerprints to help solve crimes got its start.
    1. from cradle to grave 是什麼意思?
    2. 字尾-ize 的用法
    § 表示邀請的實用句型


    ALL+互動英語 08月號/2012年 第93期