iOS7 Day by Day

  • 出版日期:2013/11/05
  • 語言:英文
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沒有時間了解iOS 7的新功能?iOS開發者Sam Davies一天一實例,介紹iOS 7新框架與新功能,並有範例APP幫助理解。部落格人氣系列貼文結集,24天的貼文濃縮成iOS 7雞湯,幫助你迅速掌握iOS 7。








  • 已有開發iOS APP經驗者
  • 熟悉iOS的非開發者也許會想了解iOS 7的新功能

如果你是iOS開發新手,先讀入門導引性質的材料比較好,比方說 就有優質教學。


Sam Davies


Sam is the Technical Evangelist for ShinobiControls, and spends his life creating code for both iOS and Android, blogging about it and meeting people. Prior to working in mobile software development, Sam worked as a computer vision researcher completing his doctorate in 2005 before continuing his research for the UK Government. Deciding that his passion lay elsewhere, Sam has been developing software for mobile devices ever since. Getting out and talking to people about data visualisation, mobile software the wider ecosystem is Sam’s forte - be sure to say hi when you see him at events and meet ups around the world. You can follow him on twitter @iwantmyrealname.

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iOS7 Day by Day