The Oregon Trail

  • 出版日期:2013/07/11
  • 語言:繁體中文
  • ISBN: 9781620286746
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The story of the Oregon Trail is adapted from a book, which itself retells the stories from the real life diaries of American Frontiersman, Francis Parkman. The Oregon Trail is a true story full of frontier action and adventure. Beautifully illustrated, a classic you will enjoy and treasure.




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    As a bold young man, looking to make his way in the settling of America, Parkman took it upon himself to befriend Whirlwind, Chieftain of the Dacotah native tribe. Parkman lived among the Dacotah, as one of them, learning a way to live in peace with nature and respect of his fellow man, no matter the color of his skin. He did see a fair bit of action and danger too. Although the Dacotah lived peaceably with each other, they were often at war with neighboring tribes. Their bitterest rivals were the Snake tribe, who the Dacotah enter into a bitter feud with after they kill Whirlwind's son in battle. The Oregon Trailnot only gives you a glimpse into Native American culture, but tells the true story of how one man lived amongst and learned from them, ultimately making his mark trying to negotiate peace and fairness between warring tribes as well as the white man and American government.


    The Oregon Trail