• 出版日期:2014/05/08
  • 語言:英文
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【X SERIES】From AIDS Village in South Africa, Mother House in India, to special care centre in Taiwan, Grace Wang has lived out LOVE through international volunteering work. She saw a contented and happy self in the eyes of the elderly, homeless children, physically challenged and lost wanderers in life. She aspires to become a rainbow that brings love and hope to those living in the dark.


【X SERIES Official Release on 05.08☆゙】
This is not merely a chance encounter, it's an opportunity to collaborate. Six heart-warming stories from Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, America and Cambodia to demonstrate the power of X Synergy!


An encouraging and heart warming account of the power of loving kindness and compassion to change lives. Over the Rainbow has helped me personally to believe in the power of love and to want to deepen my own commitment to be of service to others.

The book is highly recommended as it will help you to see the world from a more positive angle and the gap that you can fill in with your own act. No one is alone, we are one big family.
—Duth Kimsru@Cambodia—

The book is well translated. Emotional and heartwarming. Hives you a different perspective on life and take a step back and reevaluate your own.

Prepare to be inspired by Grace’s journey of courage and love as she shows you how even the smallest action can mean a lot to those in need.
—Dee T@Pretoria, South Africa—

I liked the strength of character she showed in creating opportunities to fulfil her dreams. And I admired her tenacity in travelling alone against the advice of family and friends to find the truth within her heart.
—Ann Vincent@Ohakune, N.Z.—

"Over The Rainbow"

Grace quit her full-time job to become an international volunteer and faithfully devote herself to those live in dark, desperate situations. This book takes us through her journey and showed us how she found happiness from helping others. From AIDS village in South Africa, Mother House in Calcutta, centre for special education in Taiwan to helping the disabled in Malaysia, Grace has been living out love every step of the way.

Do you wish to be a volunteer yourself? Grace has included contact details of places where you could contribute. Mother Teresa once said that as happy as she was to receive donations and resources from all over the world, it made her even happier to see people coming to be volunteers. May your heart be filled with joy and be healed through giving.

About the Author

Grace Wang

Born in Malaysia and graduated from Faculty of Mass Communication at National University of Malaysia. Now a chief editor at The Constantini Research Centre. Grace was a television reporter (ntv7 Chinese News) who accompanied the Malaysia Chapter of WorldVision to South Africa to film a documentary on AIDS. She has written many columns for newspapers like Sin Chew Daily and Nan Yang Business; as well as in magazines such as Traveller Monthly, Bridges Bi-monthly and Direction Quarterly. In private life, she enjoys drawing, travelling and handcrafts; she once hand sewed dolls for charity fair. Grace holds Mother Teresa in deep reverence for her selfless devotion.