No Dream No Worries

  • 出版日期:2014/03/24
  • 語言:英文
  • 字數: 44


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"What is your dream?" We have all been asked this question since little. If you have one, it's great. If not, your life might be daunting gray? The author certainly has a different answer in store for you. My friend, put the questions aside, just move forward! 


It’s alright not to have a dream because it represents “Chance”.
Those who have a dream of their own are often putting in effort and time to chase after that dream. They hardly have the time to help others.
Therefore, living in the present time without a dream really means a chance for yourself to grow.
There is nothing wrong with not having a dream or a goal.
There is definitely someone who needs you.
Give your hands to support those you want to support.
Let your feet take you to places they can reach.
Try to do what you can with your own hands.

Then, those things that you devote yourself to will eventually become a strong support for the people standing in front of you.
The words that you take in with delight will become your dream.
Let’s not work for the money, let’s work for earning happiness.

I believe, through various experiences you will gain the ability to make your dream come true. It’s all because you don’t have a dream that you get to do things and meet people who need you. And as a result, it will make you become a supporting energy for others.

Next time around, when you find your dream, others can become your support by contributing their talents and together you can make your dreams come true.

About the author
Mr. Masatoshi Kusakai

In 2003, Masatoshi graduated from Engineering Faculty of Hosei University. In spite of dream or personal intention, he entered a system engineering company and was soon promoted to become team manager. Later, overworking caused panic disorder, which sent him home where he shut out the world.

In 2006, in order to change his life, he set out a round-the-world trip. It was successfully accomplished. After retuning back to Japan, he was once again lost in finding his dream. Finally through volunteer work, he found his destiny in calligraphy writings and became who he is today.

In 2008, Masatoshi entered the hospitality industry for the first time and worked as a manager in a restaurant in Setagaya-district.

In 2009, he started street calligraphy artist work that centered around talks, workshops and events. Through his work he tries to encourage people to believe in their inner potential. He also organizes calligraphy classes throughout Japan and leads his students to find their own uniqueness in writing.

In June 2012 Kusakari decided to move to Ayabe-city in Kyoto with his wife. Now they live in a Japanese traditional farm house and challenge themselves to a self-sustaining lifestyle by growing their own rice and vegetables. His dream is to build his own house as he believes “creation” is the first step towards “freedom”. He now continues to discover his own potential whilst supporting the potential of other people he has met.

No Dream No Worries