TAIPEI A city under the umbrella

  • 出版日期:2013/12/25
  • 語言:繁體中文
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  • 詳細書訊

    Your hand automatically triggers it to avoid seeing what is right above you,
    it pops up straight to the sky to cover you out of the incommodity,
    opening a new layer between you and the falling reality.

    That familiar dropping sound through your ears...
    constant, ceaseless…
    Happening day by day…
    it makes you feel that today has returned from yesterday.

    A City Under The Umbrella

    Social, political, educational and commercial systems…
    money, religion, brands & dreams…
    ...fleeting dreams suscitated by brands,
    even the hours and the days…
    all created by the human to develop efficiently, to control, to raise hope…
    to avoid reality.

    Wake up, eat, commute, work, eat, work, eat, commute, consume & sleep...
    [ Repeat every 24 hrs ]

    This concrete-made landscape will make you feel part of something big…
    so big, that without even realising, it will drag you into an infinite loop of rules & norms,
    those you will follow in order to avoid feeling isolated,
    to avoid feeling different,
    to avoid feeling unique,
    to avoid feeling independent,
    to avoid living the life that only you can trully understand and develop,
    Your own life.

    It will make you hope that perhaps the day after today will bring you something long desired…



    TAIPEI A city under the umbrella