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    TAIPEI A city under the umbrella

    TAIPEI A city under the umbrella

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    Between 4:30 and 5, when late night parties just finish, first trains in the dawn are approaching their first group of commuters, those who set their bodies free so frantically that they escape a glimpse from daily life. Some of them simply could not resist the rhythm of the night and lay down right on the streets.

    When the clock points to 6am, the sun starts shinning throughout this surprisingly empty city. Like a computer, the city seems to reboot itself to update. Nobody notices. Nobody but the crows watching over the streets. Even securities are sleeping in their own patrol cars. This hour, this peace for a limited of time, is when Tokyo, a city of buildings sculpted by the light and shadows, shows its incredibly beauty.

    Around 7, seniors begin to clean up the remaining party leftovers and litters on the streets, tidying up their own piece of the city to make it look simply perfect for those who start all over again and head to their offices either by train, walk or bike.