Underground World on Mars

  • 出版日期:2013/07/31
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9789866061226
  • 字數: 1,712


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電子書 NT$150

There is life on Mars!

In this fascinating, non-fiction children’s book, the great, enlightened, spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai, reveals never-before known secrets about the lives of the Martians, their history, how the surface of Mars was destroyed long ago due to global warming, and how the survivors rebuilt their civilization underground.

Now these people live in a harmonious, peaceful, and technologically advanced society. Come and learn about their benevolent lifestyle, their fun means of entertainment, their flying cars and more!


Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, used to have an eco-system and social structure similar to that of Earth. According to Supreme Master Ching Hai, The Martians, like humans on Earth today, possessed the meat-eating habit and expanded their livestock-raising practices until they caused catastrophic global warming, with the methane, hydrogen sulfide and nitrous oxide produced by the animals poisoning the majority of their population.

So how did Martians survive? How did they learn to live underground? What are their social structure, spiritual practices, marital system, and diet like nowadays?

Supreme Master Ching Hai shared the discovery.

火星是環繞太陽軌道的第四顆行星。 在四千萬年前,火星曾經有過跟地球類似的自然環境和社會人文結構。清海無上師告訴我們,火星人引發了全球性的大毀滅,原因是他們跟現在地球人一樣嗜肉食,大規模圈養動物,乃至動物所排放的氣體,包括甲烷,硫化氫和氧化亞氮,造成全球暖化,最後導致絕大部分火星人被氣體毒死。



Underground World on Mars