Outline History (Full Set) 國史大綱(上下冊)

  • 出版日期:2005/08/01
  • 語言:繁體中文
  • ISBN: 9570511559
  • ISBN: 9789570511550
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★ ★ Elected to the "2011 Top 100 recommendation list of the CCA" (Council For Cultural).

This title is a general history of China, written as college textbook, aimed to compose a brief and succinct read.  The book cleverly outlines the interaction of academic thoughts, political systems, and the general mood of society to show the evolution of the Chinese people, and is meant to serve as a reflection for coping and solving all kinds of adverse incidents. 

In addition, the book chronicles the rise and fall of governments through revolution, while discerning the ebb and flow of the country’s national spirit.  The author hopes and projects that the audience, shall be the people who will continue to embody and amplify this spirit.

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Outline History is a general history book written by the modern historian Qian Mu, which elaborates the development of China from ancient to modern periods.  The whole book emphasizes traditional values with a strong stance against present day academics influenced by science or Marxism, for denying the characteristics of Chinese ancient society.  In this quotes: "I’m hoping to establish a new perspective of ancient history and also correct modern people’s extreme skepticism."

Traditional Chinese historians always study history through a dynastic lens and often place historical figures as good or evil.  Instead, Qian Mu studied the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties and presented extensively the development of Chinese traditional academics.  The entire book is written in plain Classical Chinese in order to show Qian Mu’s determination in maintaining strong cultural tradition.

Outline History mainly asserts its position on the values of the traditional society.  For instance, with comments to the Jin Dynasty, it believes that it wasn’t a bright regime, since Sima usurped Cao Wei’s rule.  In another example, the title for the Yuan Dynasty in Outline History is "The Upcoming Storm" while it evaluates the regime in Qing Dynasty as one of national oppression and fear.

Outline History (Full Set) 國史大綱(上下冊)