The Path of Heroes

  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781625163295
  • 字數: 106,809
電子書售價:NT$ 9

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The Path of Heroes begins with Zuri starting his first day of high school, a year early. Right away he experiences things that are strange to him, including a hidden power he did not know he had. He learns that the principal of the high school is also a wizard and has been watching him since he was brought to Earth from a parallel world called Kambia to protect him from a great evil.


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Zuri returns to Kambia and meets three other teens with whom he is destined to save the world, all part of a prophecy set into motion thousands of years ago. He meets Ra and Phenyo first, and the three of them train using their respective strengths, Zuri’s being his power, while Ra and Phenyo are versed in combat. Evrik, who is already quite seasoned with combat, joins them and all four set off on a journey. They travel to remote ruins to retrieve an ancient scepter. Once they obtain it, they return to the wizard who had sent them, and are deemed ready to face their dangerous foe, the Overlord. Join these young champions as they bravely face challenges in this parallel world.