The Three Amigos

  • 出版日期:2012/09/26
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622128907
  • 字數: 2,651


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The three characters in The Three Amigos – Tammy, Timmy and Tommy happen to be part of the nature around us. Tammy the owl is a teacher, because as we all know, the owl is claimed to be wise. Timmy the fox is as sly as any fox could be, and believes that he is right, even when he is wrong. Tommy the frog is not all that bright or quick witted, but he is a good sort. 


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When the friends meet, the owl asks them questions to help them learn about the other animals that live nearby. Their answers and his corrections make Timmy and Tommy learn the basics about the animals around them.

In this first volume of a new children’s series introducing biology, the characters learn about the swallow (which is a bird), butterflies, fish and squirrels.

About the Author

Originally from Nigeria, Ike Morah now works as a pharmacist in Baltimore, Maryland. This book is the first in a juvenile series written to educate the young and get them interested in going to school. The author has previously written a series of fifteen novels about man’s quest to keep society safe, and another series of three novels on man, what he is, and his activities.

The Three Amigos