Visions From The Past

  • 出版日期:2012/09/06
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622128136
  • 字數: 94,717
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Voncile and her brother Lenard never knew their mother or father. They lived with their grandmother Lillian until one night a strange man killed her while they slept just a few doors away.

The two were taken from the only home and family they ever knew. After their grandmother's murder in Alabama, the children were sent to live in a place called Texas with a woman they were told was their great-grandmother.


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With her world spiraling out of control, Voncile's brother was her last hold on reality. Then he was abruptly snatched away from her by someone who was supposed to be a man of God, but turned out to be the devil himself.

Voncile experienced evil at an early age from two men her great-grandmother trusted. Murder, deceit, lost innocence, and the separation from her beloved brother pushed Von to the limits. How much could a child endure, and how will these things affect her future?

About the Author

Veronica Voncile grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and moved to live with her great-grandmother in Jefferson, Texas, where her sexual abuse occurred. She was encouraged to write this book about her childhood experiences. She admires those who have been a victim, but have found the courage to speak out and share their story to help others realize they are not alone. The author now lives in Hampton, Virginia, where she founded a sexual abuse support organization. Her next book is about returning to Texas to face the place of her abuse in hopes of closing that chapter of her life.


Visions From The Past