A Diamond in the Rough

Social Activism and an American Dream -- The 70s and 80s in San Jose

  • 出版日期:2012/08/02
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622126323
  • 字數: 74,420
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A Diamond in the Rough is a continuation of Timothy K. Fitzgeralds trilogy begun with Wawona Brotherhood, outlining student activism during the Vietnam War and his campus fight for racial equality.----In his second historical volume outlining the subsequent redevelopment of downtown San Jose, the real-life characters of volume one enter mainstream society in the 70s and 80s to fight urban renewal


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    【聽故事,做公益】 本書版稅將回饋給「台灣芒草心慈善協會」,協助無家者自立   每一個街頭的他,都有一段故事 本書記錄了台灣街友的生命故事 他們來自各行各業,各有不同背景 他們曾是軍人、商人、工人、保全、更生人、幫派分子、身心障礙者 卻都在時代流轉、社會變遷與個人困境的交織...

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    Fitzgerald and his friends join the working class of Silicon Valley to implement low income housing and jobs for the working poor, assisting people who lived in San Joses inner city for decades. The story follows Fitzgeralds efforts to represent district residents on the San Jose City Council.----Tim Fitzgerald participated in the transformation of San Jose from an agricultural market town to the Capital of Silicon Valley … neighborhood groups transformed city politics by replacing citywide council elections with election by district in the process defeating the pro-growth political machine. Terry Christianson, former chair, San Jose State University Political Science Department, and leader of Redistricting of San Jose----Fitzgerald is able to bring to life the hidden forces that create economic inequality in big cities in this volume … how a rapidly growing citys ambitious urban planning policy creates economic apartheid. --- Scott Wagers, founder, Student Homeless Alliance, Senior Paster, CHAM Deliverance Ministry


    A Diamond in the Rough