Travels in Consciousness

  • 出版日期:2012/03/15
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622122011
  • 字數: 46,808
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Travels in Consciousness speaks to our urgent need to achieve higher levels of consciousness as individuals, organizations and societies. Our level of consciousness determines the energy field in which we live. The field at the highest level of awareness is the All-and-Everything, an awakened state of connectedness, inclusion and fulfillment. At the level of unawareness, however, this same field is called Flatland, a field of conflict, greed and alienation.


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    In this fascinating and transformative book, the path to higher levels of awareness is clearly mapped out for each personality style, and the spiritual paths of the great wisdom traditions are accurately profiled according to the Enneagram. The barriers we now face in achieving higher levels of consciousness are dealt with in depth, including the shadow side of our personality, which is called the Beast. Travels in Consciousness provides both the understanding and the practical resources we need for raising our level of awareness toward a global transformation.

    About the Author

    David Hey grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lives in Tuscany, Italy. He conducts seminars on Codependency, Meditation, Essence and the Enneagram. He is the author of The 9 Dimensions of the Soul.


    Travels in Consciousness