A Haunting at Land's End

  • 出版日期:2012/04/30
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622120628
  • 字數: 84,472

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A Haunting at Land's End is paranormal romance for the lover of a haunted-house story. It begins before the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina, and moves up through today. Most ghost stories dodge the reason for the haunting, however this book tells the story from the perspective of everyone involved, even the ghost Anna talks. 


  • 4.8
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  • 詳細書訊

    Allen and Susan are in love but can?t marry and begin a life together at the restored Land's End until the ghost that's haunting the house has been crossed over to the next world. Anna, the ghost, refuses to leave and thinks look alike Allen is her husband Jeffery from the past. In her mind, she is still living in the time when she died and that makes her think Susan is a whore from a Civil-War-era saloon in Charleston. The ghost has to stop Susan because she thinks she's out to steal her Jeffery away from her.

    About the Author

    She graduated from high school but wasn't lucky enough to go to college.She didn't start writing until she realized she was the last one in the family who still had memories of those who had passed away. There were so many stories, some funny, some sad that would be lost forever if someone didn't write them down. Saving the past began her writing career.

    She found she enjoyed writing so much that she began making up short stories. She found she could weave a good story with a great plot that promised to keep the reader interested right up to the last page.Her education lacked giving her the mechanics of writing, so she bought books and taught herself by trial and error. Many errors.

    She's still writing and so far, she says she hasn't run out of ideas.


    A Haunting at Land's End