More Meanderings

  • 出版日期:2012/04/25
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781622120246
  • 字數: 109,529
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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'More Meanderings' is a collection of stories with no specific genre. 'Habit of a Lifetime'... why should Alfred break his routine just because he's dead? 'The Dream' ... are all dreams impossible, or...? 'Bernadette' ... is there a greater force in this world than Mother Love? 'Pegasus'... Winged horse or iron horse? 'Olympus Mons' ... does love have to have restrictions? 'Eternal Embers' ... How many generations, over how many eons, have stared into the embers and remembered...? 'Demetrie' ... just who, or what, is Demetrie? 'The Collection' ... he collected WHAT 'The Third Face in the Photo' ... Gone and forgotten? No! 'The Price' ... no one will know; but; there is always a price to pay! 'Max, ' ... cute little puppy, hero dog. 'Regarding Robert' ... Just where did he wake up? 'Unchained Melody' ... seek and ye shall find, especially when you don't want to!


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    A spring tea party in September

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  • 詳細書訊

    About the Author

    Sam Sterling is the pen name, alter ego, of Derek Fountaine. He was born in the middle of an air raid on the north east coast of the Isle of Wight (U.K.) in 1942.
    1966 saw him leave the land of his birth and resettle with his wife and two small children to Canterbury, South Island New Zealand. In the mid seventies he turned his back on his Mechanic/Engineer trade and became a Telephonist, working long lonely hours on a midnight shift, where he started to write poems, short stories, and the draft of a novel. After winning a prize on the local radio with a poem, ['Horror of Horrors'] Sam started writing in earnest. This included taking part in a twelve-week Creative Writing course at his local Polytech.

    Story after story flowed from his imagination. Two small magazines picked some of them up, but publishers seemed reticent. Then in 2002 the BBC World Service selected one of his stories and placed it in the fifteen finalists of their Short Story Competition. The story, 'The Antmaster, ' (Meanderings; was read on air February 2003.
    Sam relocated to the island of Efate, in the Vanuatu Group in 1994 and is now a permanent resident there.


    More Meanderings