Basic Economics Today

  • 出版日期:2011/11/22
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781618973313
  • 字數: 17,321
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This book Explains the basic principles that underlie the circumstances behind America's current economic morass.

The economy is in crisis. Many private and public policy economic decisions are not well understood. However, the U.S. can grow in a manner that helps all Americans improve their standard of living. A basic understanding of economics goes a long way toward achieving this goal. 




Basic Economics Today provides analysis of the major economic issues impacting the United States. This powerful book presents the critical data you need to know, interpretations of that data using economic principles, and finally, conclusions that can be drawn from this information.

Basic Economics Today empowers students, consumers, companies and government policy makers to understand and implement resource investment decisions on both micro and macro levels.

What should banks be doing to help homeowners? What are the impacts of higher national debt levels? How can our companies grow and hire employees? Basic objective economics leads the way with strong and sound implications.

The author's Website provides essential data, commentary and links to major economic and financial sources. Economic data can take hours to find and years to understand. This site provides the economic indicator data from the major sources all in one location. It also offers basic explanations of what the data means.

Clint Kennedy grew up in New Jersey. He has an MA in economics and has taught at the college level. His next book, Basic Economics Today II, discusses making good investments in hard times, economic indicators, and international impacts on the U.S. 


Basic Economics Today