You're It!

Successful Single Mothering After Divorce

  • 出版日期:2012/01/09
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612048246
  • 字數: 32,530
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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Advice given from experience about how to cope with raising children as a single mother.

Divorced single mothers can now gain practical personal and parenting support through a truly unique perspective by reading You're It! Successful Single Mothering After Divorce. 


The author, Jeanne L. Ward, not only writes from her own personal experience as a single mother, but also shares the thoughts and feelings of the many children of divorce she has interviewed over the years. This highly educational and entertaining MUST READ will help prepare you to move forward and fulfill your potential as a woman and a mother. This is a fresh and uplifting resource for successful single mothering and personal empowerment.

 "The author is an authority on this subject and writes this how-to book from personal experience and knowledge." - Delores Kesler, PSS World Medical Chairman of the Board

 About the Author

Jeanne L. Ward has collected years of insight into children's ideas about divorce through groups she led within the public school system. In addition, she has served in varied professional careers from teaching and counseling to local government and child advocacy. She raised two daughters as a single mother and now lives with her husband, Charlie, in Jacksonville, Florida.


You're It!