Through My Father's Eyes:A Son's Awakening

  • 出版日期:2011/05/26
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612047126
  • 字數: 96,709

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Time and the way we use it are central to the story and cast of characters in Through My Father’s Eyes.

Will two weeks be enough time to influence the mind and spirit of a writer who could spend the rest of his life on San Francisco's skid row? Evan Howard is a hard-working alcoholic journalist who has destroyed every connection he has with the human race, and whose career is now collapsing.


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    7R345UR3 15L4ND

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  • 詳細書訊

    His addiction has left him deaf and blind to the reality of his family history, particularly to understanding the legacy of his deceased mother. A collision and its crippling aftermath conspire with Evan's friends to teach Evan the greatest lesson of his life. But will this give him inner peace and will he discover how to love again in the process? 

    Time alone will tell the tale as Evan is challenged to heal and become the person others knew he could be.

    About the Author: Author Linda Meyerholz is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. Each character in her book is a composite of people she has known, worked with or observed during 27 years of monitoring recovery programs. She is already working on the sequel to this novel and is eager to discover how writer Evan Howard will behave as he begins life anew, this time sober.


    Through My Father's Eyes:A Son's Awakening