Missionary Cay

  • 出版日期:2011/03/11
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612044248
  • 字數: 57,918

本書為流動版面EPUB,適合用 mooInk、手機、平板及電腦閱讀。

Sheila Woods finds adventure and romance on Missionary Cay, a the small fishing community she learned about Bahamian culture.


  • 4.8
    7R345UR3 15L4ND

    7R345UR3 15L4ND

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  • 詳細書訊

    "When Sheila Woods boards the plane in Toronto to fly to The Bahamas little does she know how her life will change over the next nine months. She has rented a house in the quiet fishing village of Rocky Point on Missionary Cay. Late one night, two months after her arrival, when she responds to a phone call for help she discovers her friend's body, a knife embedded in her abdomen. It seems obvious to Sheila that it is murder but others disagree. Over the following months she delves into finding the answers as to who is responsible and why. This angers the local tightly knit community and especially the police constable. Despite the closely guarded secrets that impede Sheila's attempts to solve the crime she continues to sift through the villagers' past for clues that will lead to solving the mystery surrounding the death."

    "Donna McDougall grew up in Perth, Ontario, Canada, and now resides in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where she is retired and working on her next book."


    Missionary Cay