The Sting of Fate

Spanning Three Continents, the Paths of Love, Life and Restored Dignity Will Take

  • 出版日期:2010/09/23
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612043258
  • 字數: 86,454
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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A married man & his mistress travel the three continents of Europe, North America and Australia and experience many ups & downs.


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    It was just a kiss - but like nothing she'd ever experienced before! Or was it the magic of the romantic French Riviera? Whatever it was, it ignited a love story that spanned three continents. However, this is no ordinary love story. While there is a beautiful princess and a prince charming - oh yes, ever so charming in more ways than one -- it is no fantasy. It has the joys of love, with the painful reality of life. You will be entranced by this Australian woman's compelling journey of discovery; her intriguing love, life, adventures and experiences, along with the highs and lows she encounters, and the masks she wears to maintain dignity. Join her and the love of her life, 'her' Frenchman. No ordinary Frenchman, but a renowned artist, a true romantic, dreamer, schemer - and a married man. He was divorcing his wife of forty years, but not for the little Australian, or so she thought! Australian born Nannette Holliday, a former Government Communication Manager, has travelled extensively for work and pleasure. Her journeys and experiences of love and life, the joys and realities, are interwoven into The Sting of Fate, taking you on a spellbinding but painfully truthful ride. As the owner and Managing Director of an advertising agency for 20 years, Holliday is a highly successful businesswoman and an accomplished radio and television presenter. Now retired, she relishes the enjoyment and experiences of travelling around the world, discovering new people and places. The upcoming sequel, Fate's Revenge, continues the journey.

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    The Sting of Fate