Congratulations! You're Unemployed!

A complete Guide to finding your first job out of college.

  • 出版日期:2011/04/01
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612043241
  • 字數: 52,836
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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A comprehensive guide to finding a job, doing well in an interview and the does and don'ts of salary negotiation.  "Looking for your first career job out of college? Frustrated that you cannot get interviews? Not getting any response from your resume? If so, Congratulations! You're Unemployed! is the book for you.


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    電子書售價:NT$ 99

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    Write a winning resume Find the hidden Job Market Understand what your interviewer is looking for Prepare for the interview Learn how and when to ask for the job Negotiate your salary ... and much more. Use this guide to land your dream job and help you understand and master the placement process. Learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned recruiter with over 20 years of placement experience, from entry level to executive level college graduates. Avoid the pitfalls most college graduates face and secure your future by landing a rewarding business career. Based on insider tips from an industry that dates back to the 14th century, this book will be an invaluable tool that will have your family and friends saying, " "Congratulations! You're Employed!"


    Congratulations! You're Unemployed!