Grand Strand

  • 出版日期:2011/01/07
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781612042022
  • 字數: 104,234
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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Regional media conglomerate Kaitlyn Tufts and her managing editor, Jack O’Banyon, have set out to discover the real story behind Rocktime Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Originally built for $400 million, the park went bankrupt only four months after it opened. And then it was purchased four months later for $25 million and renamed Good Times Park. Kaitlyn believes something strange is going on. New park owner Melvin Rollin has been an amusement park junkie all his life. He was employed at the amusement park under its original ownership…when Rocktime Night Club impresario “Real Bobby Steele” was in charge. So when the bank comes looking for a new owner, Melvin knows he’s the right fit. But Melvin Rollin has no idea of the park’s sketchy history. Soon, Kaitlyn and Jack will discover the story behind the once bankrupt amusement park; but will Jack be able to protect Kaitlyn from the danger she has stirred up?


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    Grand Strand