Wolfwoman Wolfman

  • 出版日期:2010/11/03
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN: 9781609768683
  • 字數: 54,691
電子書售價:NT$ 149

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A look at the relationship between men and women. Societal views are compared with religious as this key relationship is analyzed. Whether by design or default for everybody to survive long enough to help continue the human species. Everything boils down to the interaction of the sexes, their role in society, the de-mands society places on the individuals, and what it gives back. Therefore not surprisingly human personal relations, man-woman relations, take center stage, sooner or later, no matter what side you're coming from. Throughout recorded history they have been the target of interference by those that try to have power over us or increase that which they already have. From early childhood onwards we are made aware, often painfully, of a conflict situation. On the one hand we are the way our Creator saw fit to make us, on the other there is our society that tells us how we should be.


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  • 詳細書訊

    Wherever we go we are surrounded by laws, rules and regulations, all manmade, some by Parliament or Congress, some by decree, some by the chief of police, and some by the bishop. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they create numerous little fences that separate good people from bad people, depending on what side of the fence you find yourself on. The nature, height and direc-tion of these fences may vary from one country to the next, even one town to another, and what is perfectly legal in one country can be a deadly sin in another. Nevertheless, we have people in all countries upholding the law and rigorous-ly punishing lawbreakers. 

    Of all the documents that we have that record the histo-ry of this planet, besides all other things they convey to us, they tell us about love and its protagonists, the lovers. It was love then as it is love now, and that will never change for as long as there are people living on this earth. 

    I cannot think of this planet as being without love. --- My dream? --- For love to be given its proper place in life, to be the most beautiful and honorable thing that we can think about, without ever talking about it.

    About the Author

    After about thirty years of working in America, Europe and Africa, first as an engineer and then in aviation, Henry Hawke decided that there were other sides to life, like sail-ing around the world and writing a book. So after many interesting and demanding projects he said good-bye to engineering and aviation and has since developed a keen interest in environmental issues, believing that our world is a place worth saving, as it is the only one we've got. As the father of three grown-up children he firmly believes that we owe a debt of care and diligence to posterity and tries to live up to that wherever possible.


    Wolfwoman Wolfman